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Before we start the carpet clean we liaise with the customer to find out if there are any main areas of concern i.e. badly stained or marked areas (Usually these are in the main walk areas.) We then test the carpets to make sure they are safe to clean. We do this by carrying out a colour fast and shrinkage test. Provided all the tests are passed we then proceed with the cleaning process.

The main walk (traffic) areas of the carpet are pre - sprayed with a traffic area cleaner to start breaking down the soiling before the cleaning commences. This process also cuts down on the need for excessive water and therefore reduces drying time.

The cleaner moves furniture around as he carries out the clean, putting protective pads under any furniture where needed. After the cleaner has cleaned the carpet with a hot water extraction machine even the most badly soiled areas appear cleaner, brighter and in most cases like new.

Drying times do vary, but on average it takes 2-3 hours. You can however walk on the carpet straight away once the cleaning is completed.