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For Curtain we use a Dry Cleaning method only. We also clean the curtain where they hang so there is no need for our customers to spend time taking curtains down, removing hooks etc. and then putting them back up again when cleaning is completed. The Dry Cleaning method removes the possibility of shrinkage which can be a problem with water based cleaning programs.

First of all, the cleaner vacuums all surface debris from the curtains to make sure that the curtains are prepared for the Dry Cleaning process. The Dry Cleaning solution is then applied as many times as required to get the curtains as clean as possible.

Finally the curtains are vacuumed once more and are left in the same position as when the cleaner started.

This is a very successful method of cleaning curtain, even those which need considerable attention. Both heavy fabrics and the more delicate ones benefit considerably from cleaning using this approach on a regular basis.

Our cleaners take considerable time and care over the cleaning of your curtains and endeavour to cause as little disruption as is possible.